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Parent Resources


At Bookcliff Christian School we believe that parent involvment is essential to the success of each child.  Our role is to come alongside parents and assist them in educating and growing their children in the Lord.   Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved with their children's learning experience at school as well as in their homes.  Raising children can be challenging, so we've provided some resources to help encourage and support you in your journey.  These books are available for checkout in the school office, and we will begin offering parenting groups around some of them in the near future.  

At Home Challenges

Pen Pal & Pray

Pen Pal Pray Challenge


Parenting is one of life's greatest privelages and one of life's greatest challenges.  It isn't easy to train up a child in the way he should go and it is all-too easy to lose sight of our priorities as Christian parents.  This is a great resource to remind Christian parents of God's purpose for us in the lives of our children and how to apply the gospel to everyday parenting tasks. 



The 8 Great Smarts

The teachers of Bookcliff Christian School have been reading and applying the principals from the 8 Great Smarts.  By learning how each student learns, teachers and parents are better able to affirm, empower and equip them to reach their God-given potential.  We invite you to learn more about the 8 Great Smarts to apply to your parenting and help reinforce some of the messages they're being taught in school.   Check out the website to learn more and even take an assesment to discover your child's intellectual strengths and abilities.

8 great smarts



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